Commedia School.

Voice and Resonance workshop

This workshop is postponed to Autumn 2023

This five-day workshop with Clair Le Couteur from Luna Traktors will reintroduce you to your voice, the voices of other beings, and the vocal qualities of place.

We will explore the voice as a huge space of potential, working from somatic experience to sense and imagine how and where sound is made in our bodies. We will discuss how vocal tone affects how bodies are perceived, intersecting with social codes of sex and gender, class, ethnicity, age, health, etc. We will begin the practice of shaping our resonance and tone through a series of simple exercises. We will discover that our voices are always already producing overtones, and we will work together to focus them. Overtone practice can help you: explore different textures and tones; produce a bigger sound with less effort and strain; reach deeper, fuller lows and higher, clearer highs; develop breath and pitch control, and even produce two different notes at once. Perhaps most importantly, overtone practice is an excellent meditative exercise for health, well-being, and stress relief.

The class is suitable for vocal beginners and professionals alike, singers and non-singers. No previous experience is necessary, and all voices and bodies are equally welcome.

Max 12 participants

Price: 1.850 kroner (250 Euro) 25 hours
Place: The Commedia School studio, Strandlodsvej 69, 2300 Copenhagen
Time: 10 – 15 Monday to Friday

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