Commedia School.

The play, spontaneity and masks

The play, spontaneity and masks


This 3 months intense
module runs from 6. September till 5. December, and are one out off 4 to complete the The Commedia School programme.

The first module begins the 6. September, 2021, this year, and includes the basic developmental classes upon which all the succeeding studies are based: Awareness through movement, the play, mime, the importance of mask play in the development of the actor, mask making, and acrobatics. This module ends with a mask performance resulting from the study of many different masks each with their specific importance to the actor.

Masks teach the student awareness and control of the movement and gesture. The masks demand that the student becomes aware of the essential gestures as well as aware of those not essential and thus distracting. The mask enlarges the performer to a higher level of projection and playing. The module includes an intensive one-week mask making workshop with master mask makers gives the students experience designing and constructing their own mask.

This is an exciting and intense three-month study that will profoundly develop those wanting to work in theatre and expand the skills of those already involved in theatre.

The module will end with two Mask performances.

This module runs from 6. September till 5. December.

To apply, simply write a letter where you tell us about your past experiences, especially those related to theatre, and why you wish to attend the school. Include a photo, a CV, and two letters of recommendations from people who know your work in the performing arts.