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The Government Inspector – video

A video of the story telling adaptation of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol’s 1836 hilarious satire on the corruption in the Russian Empire – perfectly actual for today in every country.

Elif Temucin and Erkan Uyaniksoy, two recent graduates of The Commedia School from Istanbul preformed their well reviewed version of this story to The Commedia School Studio.

The show is supported by NORDPLUS and The Gogol Project which is a ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) network of activities in many countries.
The Gogol Project (

The Government Inspector from Projektland on Vimeo.

Under the broad subject of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) the Gogol project is using theatre and networking to stimulate discussions on a global and local level, formally and informally on those unsustainable economic and social practices common to our societies that are exposed by Nikolai Gogol’s play, “The Government Inspector.” (Corruption – bribery, favoritism, nepotism, abuse of discretion, etc.)