Commedia School.

Danish / English

Summer Camp in Turkey

Izmir course- 9-14 August 2022

This is an Izmir extension course on Movement Theatre and Storytelling given by The Commedia School, an international theatre school in Copenhagen, Denmark and conducted by the founder of The Commedia School, Ole Brekke, and the currant director of the school, Ruth Lerche.

In this concentrated five day course the students will discover and develop how to use their own unique qualities for telling stories in groups and individually. This style of telling stories draws on the student’s creativity, physically building images using movement, pantomime, acrobatics, and voice working both individually and in groups. This study, will ground the students in the fundamental nature of theatre, telling stories whether literary and verbal or gestural and non-verbal. They will discover their sensitivity and awareness necessary to hold the attention of the public and take them on a journey through their story.

This style of storytelling developed by The Commedia School has inspired several successful theatre companies in several different countries.

Of course, during the five days in Izmir there will be plenty of time to enjoy the late summer Mediterranean beaches and historic Cesme.

Do you want to apply or do you have other questions, please contact file:///C:/Users/Ruth/Desktop/Storytelling%20in%20Turkey/summercamp.pdf

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