Commedia School.

Spring & Fall 2023
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Theatre needs to be relevant for the times we live in.

Learn to make your own theatre and become your own creative performer.

At The Commedia School, the students learn to make a theatre that responds to the deepest individual desires and aspirations of the students. For this, it is necessary to develop acting skills in different styles.

At The Commedia School, the students create performances in several established styles of theatre. Each style demands different acting skills, and at the end of your studies at The Commedia School, you will have professional-level training, experience acting in many styles, and the skills necessary to create your own theatre.

The Course

A two-year journey of discovery

Short Courses

Short modules 2022-2023

Different Styles to

Express Yourself

It's all theatre

Commedia School

Introduction to the School

A Special introduction to The Commedia School by Founder and Head teacher Ole Brekke

Upcoming Events / Workshops

Mask-making workshop

Mask show 1. Dec 2022

Voice and Resonance workshop - Luna Traktors (pushed to ultimo March 2023)

Buffoons sees refugees

Buffoon, Tragedy, and Melodrama

Commedia Movement-theatre workshop

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