Commedia School.

Danish / English

Fall 2022
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The Course

A two-year journey of discovery

Short Courses

Short modules 2022-2023

Different Styles to

Express Yourself


Story Telling







Outstanding Performers

Discover new possibilities to surprise the audience and surprise yourself! Commedia Workshop – ‘Movement Theatre’ (Everything moves. That’s the starting point.) 

It's all theatre

Commedia School

Introduction to the School

A Special introduction to The Commedia School by Founder and Head teacher Ole Brekke

Upcoming Events / Workshops

Mask-making workshop

Voice and Resonance workshop - Luna Traktors

Buffoon, Tragedy, and Melodrama

Commedia Movement-theatre workshop

Mask making workshop

Mask making workshop 24.- 28. October 2022

The focus of this workshop is to design a full or half mask that will have an instant visual impact on stage, and clearly communicating its intentions. We work with the traditional Venetian mask making technique

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International Storytelling

International Storytelling The Commedia School students are ready to present their storytelling performance! This style of telling stories draws on the performers creativity and physicallity,

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