Commedia School.

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Mission Statement

Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone-Clementi

The fundamental goal of The Commedia School is to develop the creative performer. The school encourages the students to create a theatre which is relevant to their personal lives and which touches the lives of the public.We provide the technical training to develop solid performing skills and an understanding of popular theatre forms. At the same time we draw out that unique performing personality of each student. Being in a group of many nationalities gives the students a rare opportunity for understanding themselves and their own expression as well appreciating many different ethnic expressions.

At the end of two years training they will be at ease in themselves on stage, available and ready to play, confident in their technical ability, and aware of their responsibilities as professional artists. They are ready to continue to stretch their limits of understanding of life, laughter, and its artistic theatrical expression.The principles of training the creative performer are those of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi and Ole Brekke who co-founded the school in Copenhagen. Carlo was active on the teaching staff for for fifteen years. He also founded the Dell’Arte School in California.

The legacy of Carlo’s more than 50 years of teaching the art of comedy to hundreds of performers all over the world is very much present in the classes of the school.The fundamental pedagogical methods used at the school are those developed by Jacques Lecoq of Paris. The school is a combination of the works of those two great figures in the area of actor training who were colleagues and close friends for over fifty years. The work of these two great masters of the 20th century compliment one another here at The Commedia School.

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