Commedia School.

Letter from Istanbul

From Istanbul
Dear Ole,
A criticism about our play (Gogol Stories) has been published in a popular, very well-known theatre magazine (named ‘Tiyatro… Tiyatro…’) this month. It is written by Robert Schild – a very well-known critic.
As a summary, he has written that ‘our play is the master-piece of the theatre season, it is perfectly dynamic, excellently interpreted and it should be seen as a theatre example’. 🙂 He has quoted from Stanislavski and Sonia Moore (who wrote a book called ‘Stanislavski System’) to state how we make visible the dramaturgical essence of the stories by our physicality and actions.
He also has written about you as our teacher and supervisor of the play 🙂

This encouraging criticism has made us very happy and we wanted to share this happiness with you.

Thank you again (for the thousandth time:)) since you gave us the opportunity to be the student at the Commedia School.
By the way, we have made a new clown performance with our three friends. We had three shows so far. It’s going very well. We also want to apply international clown festivals. If you have any recommendation, please let us know.

All the best

Erkan & Elif, Istanbul