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We offer different types of acting courses. In the short courses and workshops you can explore different aspects of physical theatre in an intense focused period.


Full Education

The full education – the soul of The Commedia School – is the 2 year journey into all the genres. You will develop your creativity and work in depth with your talent. Here we train our students to become the professional performers of physical theatre of tomorrow. It consists of all four 13 week modules – read more about the full physical acting education here.

Short modules

To develop and explore your talent further we offer 13 week modules – each with focus on specific genres in physical acting.


Want to create your own mask? Or develop your acting through body movement? Then our workshops might be the right place for you. 

The Government Inspector – video

A video of the story telling adaptation of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol’s 1836 hilarious satire on the corruption in the Russian Empire – perfectly actual for today in every country.

Elif Temucin and Erkan Uyaniksoy, two recent graduates of The Commedia School from Istanbul preformed their well reviewed version of this story to The Commedia School Studio.

The show is supported by NORDPLUS and The Gogol Project which is a ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) network of activities in many countries.

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