Commedia School.

Commedia “Movement-theatre” workshop 7-8. January 2023

Discover new possibilities to surprise the audience and surprise yourself!

Commedia Workshop – ‘Movement Theatre’ (Everything moves. That’s the starting point.)
“Commedia Dell’arte is dead. Long Live Commedia!” shouts Carlo Mazzone-Clementi from
his grave. The great theatre teacher of the twentieth century, and co-founder of The
Commedia School preferred to use “Commedia” to indicate something more than comedy,
something bigger. “Commedia”, rich with energy, excited by spontaneity, surprising in
discovery, breathes new life into every performance. No matter what style of performing
you’re looking for or involved with, the study of commedia will bring new dimensions into
your work and creativity.

2 days workshop

Movement-theater workshop with master Ole Brekke and Ruth Lerche, a workshop introducing the physical approach to theatre, this workshop aims at developing spontaneity and creativity, giving you insights on the tools to make every performance fresh and alive.

During the workshop, participants are introduced to mask work, mime, and acrobatic, where they will learn improvisation exercises, voice projection, body movement, and spatial awareness. Discover new possibilities to surprise the audience, including yourself, as you uncover your true presence on stage!

Time: Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 15 pm
Price: 900 DKK (600 kr. student or unemployment discount)

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