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The Commedia School is a 2-year actor training program founded by Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each September since 1978, a new group of students from around the world have been attracted to Northern Europe’s oldest physical theater school to develop themselves as performers.

The Commedia School is a physical theater school. The basis of the training is movement, the physical aspect of acting, which is often neglected in traditional acting programs. The course is grounded in the pedagogical methods of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, Jacques Lecoq, and Moshe Feldenkrais. Because each class has students from many countries, the English language is used.

The school has started students on successful careers in many areas of performing – including stage, street theater, circus, puppet theater, magic, children’s theater, performance, cabaret and film. Performers educated at The Commedia School are today found at the top of their performing professions globally.

The main teachers at The Commedia School are:

  • Ole Brekke (USA)
  • Troels Hagen Findsen (DK)
  • Janusz Komodowski (PL)
  • Ruth Lerche (DK)

Beside this there will be a variety of guest teachers. 


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Course Outline  |  Teaching Staff
Mission Statement  |  Theater in Education

Why Study At The Commedia School?

Because the performing arts have always been a precarious business – even more so today because of the global economic situation – it is vital that performers can create their own shows rather than depend on auditions to find work.

With its emphasis on producing new material each week, the training at The Commedia School gives graduates a big advantage. They not only create their own shows, but also create new work situations for performers outside of normal venues. The Commedia School develops the skills and confidence that allow graduates to develop as independent artists, make their own opportunities and help broaden the theatre ecology.

The Commedia School encourages students to become engaged with social change issues, both in Denmark and in their own countries. Every class travels at least once internationally, and in 2017 to Cairo for a two-week residency. Graduates are often found working in centers for refugees of natural disasters or war, or in other impoverished areas.

The Commedia School is truly international. Graduates have come from 35 different nations on all continents. That means anyone graduating from The Commedia School joins a global community of performers, with connections around the world.

Course Outline  |  Teaching Staff
Mission Statement  |  Theater in Education

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