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Courses in Using Theatre in Education (TIE) have been given by The Commedia School since 1991. The courses are often offered by cooperating institutions and provided by The Commedia School. These courses have been a regular part of the curriculum in the Drama Communications Department of Linköpings University in Sweden. Theatre in Education as a line of study is a part of the cooperative agreement between The Commedia School and The College of Neo-humanist Studies in Sweden. Other cooperating institutions include Visao Futuro in Tatui, Brazil, and the Zonnenlicht Foundation in Den Bosch, Holland.

This course gives both theoretical and practical experience in using a theatrical approach to any educational situation. The course applies the basic principles of The Commedia School to any course material in any educational setting from early childhood to professional and technical studies and including, of course, primary and secondary school settings.

For more information on this program, contact The Commedia School directly by e-mail or by phone.

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