Dont' miss The Clowns' Show Friday the 29th of May at 8:00 in the school's studio, Præstøgade 17. This show promises many stomach aching laughs and some poetic presentations by a group of clowns returning from successful performances at the street artists festival in Sopot, Poland, the international clown festival in Svendborg, Denmark and the performers house festival in Silkeborg, Denmark.


 25 Years in Copenhagen, 1983-2008

September 1st marks the start of the 25th year in Copenhagen with students coming from nine different countries.

The 25th anniversary of the school in Copenhagen was celebrated with a huge two day party in November with about 150 former students returning from far away to renew old friendships. The present students' melodrama show on Friday brought back memories, and the cabaret performances of numbers by former students showed why so many are so successful all around the world.

Kolibri from Göteborg, Kristin Rode, Martin Brøns, and Tinna Engelstam, will host the cabaret evening Saturday the 15th of November. Their Cabaret and Review shows ran for many years in their theatre in Göteborg. If any of you Commedia School graduates have a review number for the evening's program, let us know. Or you can contact Niels-Peter Kløft directly ( nielspeter@kloeft.dk ). He is coordinating the Saturday Cabaret.

2008 marks 25 years since The Commedia School began in Copenhagen. Yes, we will celebrate our success and survival. We will be holding a reception for all the former students and friends during the weekend of 14-15 November at the school studio, Præstøgade 17 baghuset in Østerbro.

25th Anniversary Program

NOVEMBER 14-15, 2008

Founders   Bufoons

Founders Ole Brekke and
Carlo Mazzoni in 1988


Bufoons hit the streets of
Malmo, 1986

14/11 kl. 20:00

Starting Friday evening, 14 November, with a nostalgic look back on Melodrama, the final presentation of this study by the students of the second year. That is followed by a social evening including a light serving specially prepared by Bodil Zachariasen from the original Copenhagen class.

Attend a class:
All former students who would like to refresh memories of exercises are invited to attend classes with the first year students on Friday, the 14th with a mime class with Ole from 8:30-10:00 followed by a Feldenkrais class with Janusz from 10:00 to 11:30. The class day ends with a voice class with Ole from 12:30-13:30.

15/11 Kl. 13:30

A social afternoon at the school with a buffet with plenty of time to share stories from near and far.

Kl.19:00 CABARET

What everyone has been waiting for, The Cabaret. Numbers from former students, a long list of different numbers from Estonia, Czeck, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and other countries. The buffet will be open during the cabaret and drinks will be available.

Let us know

Please let us know how many are coming so we can plan the food. If you are unable to come, please send a brief letter telling what you are up to now. We would love to hear from you. Send a brief e-mail telling how many are planning to come.

Best regards

Ole Brekke

 What's on NOW

Acrobatics classes. All former students of The Commedia School are invited to acrobatics classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30AM to 10:30 AM. Come in, have some fun, meet old friends, find new partners, have a good workout, tune up the skills, inspire the new students, and share stories. If you're passing through Copenhagen, you are very welcome to stop by the studio.

 Here's the NEWS

Story telling. After a very well received story telling show in March 2008 with its rollicking laughter and mystery, the first year students are now into their clown study. Look for their performances at the International Clown Festival in Svendborg 14-18 May.

Masks. The students in the first year of study completed an intensive week of mask making led by master mask makers, Petra Föhrenbach (Berlin) and Finbarr Ryan (Copenhagen). People from 10 different countries were involved in the workshop. The workshop included a survey of the history and use of masks and the important details of mask design. Click here for photos of the workshop and some of the masks.

European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008
Diversity and dialogue are important political and social concepts but also a vibrant source of European theatre and its development. The Commedia School itself promotes and encourages Inter Cultural Dialogue through teaching as well as in the daily routine of the school.  More about intercultural dialogue


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