News of 2003

The new first year class
In November the new class of first year students are entering into their six week study of masks. This group includes students from Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Iceland, and Belgium. Keep an eye on this page to see if there will be a mask show in December when they are finishing off their study.

More Feldenkrais training
Feldenkrais awareness through movement has always been the basic movement training at the school and is very important to the fundamental development of the creative performer. Janusz Komodowski, a long time teacher at the school, is on his way to Paris again in November to further his education experience in this important area of the school curriculum.

July 26th, 6:00 o’clock (kl.18:00)
Sorin Circus, the remarkable youth circus from Tampere, Finland is passing through Copenhagen on its European tour and will give a performance in the school’s studio. This is the best youth circus in Finland one of the tops in the world led by The Commedia School graduate, Taina Kopra. Come and see some ordinary kids do an extraordinary show.

Entry: kr. 50

1 September 2003  -  Classes begin for the 2003-04 school term.   It’s not too late to apply.


June 6-12, 2003
            In Opole, Poland, the students of the school were the hits of the festival.  Provocative buffoon parades excited the center of the medieval town and stirred up considerable media attention while the final, flawless, show of the buffoons left the public stunned and charged.  Adding to the mysterious and charged atmosphere was the ability of the buffoons to use the Polish language.
            The clowns of the first year became heroes by their untiring energy, and wild, crazy performances.  Their ability to improvise and create brilliant moments on the spot charmed and amazed the public.  Their four performances varied from 35 to 55 minutes in length, a tribute to fine characters and creativity.
            The Commedia School students made every place they went a performing venue and brought their enthusiasm and laughter to late evening shows in the pubs.  The whole event was a confirmation that their comedy and charm is universal.

Holy Cross Church, in Nørrebro, was the scene for “Meet the Buffoons” by the second year students. The old church was the perfect location for the mystery, tragedy, provocation and buffoonery. Swinging chandeliers, grotesque images, vulgar dances on the altars and baptismal fonts, and tragic speeches from the pulpit gave a mysterious medieval atmosphere the church had not experienced since the last time the buffoons visited ten years before. The church staff and regular members were shocked and delighted. (It is a very special church staff.)

May 3, 2003
            The reunion of the first class to start the school in 1983 was a charming success.  There were 28 students to start the school that year and 20 were present at the reunion 20 years later.  15 of them are still enjoying successful careers in the performing arts while others still refer to their Commedia School experience in other careers.  The day was full of fond memories of that first year of classes in the heart of the wholesale meat market in Vesterbro as well as fantastic stories of experiences performing around the world from Patagonia to Siberia.
            There was a unanimous appreciation for the work of the late Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, co-founder of the school in Copenhagen, and his basic exercises were remembered by everyone.  Dansk Rakkerpak did their successful rickshaw show and contacts were renewed for future collaborations.
            The credit for the continuation of The Commedia School goes to these successful performers.  Their success is our success.  Thank you for years of hard work and hours of good stories.

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