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Apply for 2018


To apply for entrance into THE COMMEDIA SCHOOL, simply write a letter to us at the address below giving personal information and telling about your past experiences, especially those related to theatre. Also tell why you wish to attend this school and enclose a recent photo. Include two letters of recommendation from people who know your work in the performing arts. When we receive your application, you will be contacted for an interview. Interviews are held at the school. Other arrangements can be made for those from other continents or who are unable to come to Copenhagen for the interview.

The cost for the school year 2018-2019 is DKK 55,000. approximately US$ 7800, € 7400.

Taking applications now for the September 3rd, 2018 start.


The visa application process takes months so if you are outside the EU,  apply now!

Correspondence post address:

The Commedia School

Krogebjerg 11

2720 Vanløse



European Credit Transfer System

It is possible to get academic credit for studies at The Commedia School while enrolled in other University or higher education institutions in Europe.  It also ensures graduates of The Commedia School the possibility of getting credit for their studies when seeking further education or graduate studies at higher education institutions.

The ECTS was established to facilitate transfers of credits among European higher education programs, both public and private. Students may get credit in universities in Europe for their studies at The Commedia School. Although the decision concerning credit transfer is with the accepting institution, The Commedia School provides the necessary documentation and certification of hours so that the credits can be transferred to other higher education institutions.

The Commedia School also provides accredited courses at other state institutions of higher education in European countries. For more details about specific cooperating institutions, please contact us.

The following is the Course Catalog with hours indicated corresponding to ECTS credits.

Course Catalogue PDF